Art Hill Film Series

Art hill has been one of the most beautiful, scenic spots in St. Louis for over 100 years, as it looks down on three sky-high fountains and palace balustrades.    Now imagine sitting on this beautiful hill with food from amazing food trucks, live music, and a favorite movie and you have the Art Hill Film series.

On Friday nights throughout the summer, films catering to a wide variety of audiences are shown at 9pm, but that is just part of the event.  My daughters and I arrived at around 6 to secure a spot and enjoy all the night had to offer!

After setting up we scoped out all the available food trucks, feeling like we could eat our way around the world!  We each picked a different truck, my oldest getting orange chicken from Lulu’s, my youngest ordering the classic brat (stuffed with mozzarella) at the Mann Meats school bus, and I had to check out the Buzz’s Hawaiian food truck.  I had never tried Moco Loco and figured now was the time. The rice was cooked perfectly and the combination of the gravy, burger, runny egg, and spam was meat heaven. I grew up dreading spam, but the way they cut it thin and marinated it in a sweet sauce made it the best thing on the plate.  It also came with macaroni salad, which normally I hate, but theirs was delicious. It wasn’t overpowered with dressing and carrots really brightened the salad up!  

For some after dinner entertainment we went into the Art Museum behind us, since they stay open until 9pm just for the film series!  My girls love to find something to sketch, so they both brought they’re drawing pads and found their subject. I was really happy with both their choices and proud of their focus and interest.  On a practical note, there are also clean bathrooms on the first floor to the right if you want to avoid the port o potties outside.  

Dessert was a necessity at this point, so we headed back to the food trucks before they left at 8:30.  My oldest went to my favorite looking truck of the night the Fire & Ice Cream truck. This converted, antique fire truck plays the perfect ironic vessel for frozen treats. Big girl ordered a mint chocolate ice cream sandwich, which she assured me was top quality.  

Baby girl wanted to try Scoops with their water ice.  I was thinking snow cones, which are not my favorite, but their frozen offering has a sorbet-like texture, and I was convinced to order some of my own.  The blueberry lemon was one of the best lemon ices I’ve ever had!  

As we headed back to our seats, the girls enjoyed dancing to the live music, playing with the other children attending, and petting some dogs around.  Promptly at 9pm the Goonies started, and we were all sucked in. All the attendees were respectful of each other and did their best to make sure no one’s view was blocked or talked over the movie.  

If you want a movie night along with the joy of being outdoors and being party of the community this is the event for you.  The 2019 series is over for the summer, but keep an eye out for next summer’s offerings and maybe I’ll see you there!

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