Hiking Creve Coeur Lake

Recently the St. Louis heat fell to an unseasonable high of 70 degrees.  I shoved my kids in the car and headed for my favorite nearby hiking spot: Creve Coeur Lake! Creve Coeur Lake has several trails, but the one that circles the lake is my favorite.  Something about being near the water and watching gentle waves lap a beach, is just good for the … Continue reading Hiking Creve Coeur Lake

A Day Out in Historic St. Charles

Few places in the St. Louis area transport you back in time like St. Charles’s Historic Main Street.  Right off the Missouri river, Main Street was an important trading stop that helped St. Charles become the Missouri state capital from 1821-1826.  Most of the houses on Main Street date from the German influx in the early 1900s and, through preservation efforts, many have been converted … Continue reading A Day Out in Historic St. Charles