Still 630 Whiskey Distillery

Most people would consider me behind the curve when it comes to alcohol consumption and that is particularly true when it comes to whiskey.  Until I was 35 I had only had whiskey once in a terrible Irish Coffee at an undisclosed bowling location. At 35, my family got the opportunity to visit Ireland.  I know where your mind just went: the Jameson Distillery or … Continue reading Still 630 Whiskey Distillery

June 2019 Eat Local Picks: BLK MKT, Rooster, Nudo

The family and I try not to eat out too often, so when we do the food has to be delicious and memorable.  Chains offer reliability and some tempting food, but there is something special about visiting a local business that is unique to St. Louis. Each month I plan to feature three St. Louis casual dining establishments that wowed me and told a story … Continue reading June 2019 Eat Local Picks: BLK MKT, Rooster, Nudo

A Day Out in Historic St. Charles

Few places in the St. Louis area transport you back in time like St. Charles’s Historic Main Street.  Right off the Missouri river, Main Street was an important trading stop that helped St. Charles become the Missouri state capital from 1821-1826.  Most of the houses on Main Street date from the German influx in the early 1900s and, through preservation efforts, many have been converted … Continue reading A Day Out in Historic St. Charles