Jilly’s Cupcake Bar and Cafe

How have I not talked about Jilly’s Cupcakes?  This two time Cupcake Wars winner resides about fifteen minutes from downtown in University City at the corner of Delmar and 170 and is a go to in our household.  I am a cake snob and only like it when it is amazing, so trust me when I say these cupcakes are fabulous!

I don’t remember just when we realized the awesomeness of Jilly’s, but they opened in 2007 and have become our go to for birthday celebrations!  They make beautiful custom cakes like these two we had made for  some recent 70th birthday celebrations.  Both of these were made with Jilly’s famous 24 Karat Carrot Cake flavor with whipped cream filling and cream cheese icing.  They were a huge hit even with two people who normally won’t eat sweets!   The staff was super helpful as we tried to figure out exactly how we wanted the cake to look and stay within our price range.  While this is helpful if you’re planning in advance, what if you want a cupcake now!

Jilly’s is best known for their amazing cupcakes.  When I say cupcakes I feel that is misleading, as I am sure you are picturing a normal sized cupcake with maybe a spoonful of filling and some icing on top.  That is not a Jilly’s cupcake at all!  Jilly’s cupcakes are more of a smallish cake piece of art that I have never been able to finish in one sitting!  The picture below is the set of 6 cupcakes my family got me for my birthday that took us over a week to finish.  They have standard favorites that are always available, so you never have to worry if it’ll be there.  Just a few of these standards are Turtle Cheesecake, Twisted Pink Velvet, and my personal favorite Bee Sting, which is full of lemon curd and has a delicious white chocolate honey comb on top.  They have a few boozy cupcakes only available on the weekends that I want to try soon, particularly the Jack & Coke (I love whiskey), and then lots of monthly flavors.  Right now it’s April and I was able to get a mini pack for my daughter’s birthday party.  The Jilly’s on the beach with lime curd was particularly awesome and all the kids wanted the MnM Crazy Shake.  

Top from Left to Right: Turtle Cheesecake, Bee Sting, and Reese’s Chunks Bottom: February Flavors
Mini Box

If you’re in the mood for ice cream instead, they’ve got you covered there as well!  The ice cream flavors are just as fun as the cupcakes (some of them even themed the same) and of course you can get a shake with cupcake in it!  You can take home a pint or enjoy a sundae or cone served up in the cafe.  

What if you want a full meal?  Jilly’s also serves a full breakfast and lunch menu and even caters.  I go strictly for the sweets, but foreseeably you could go there for lunch and then have one of the best dessert courses ever!  Whether you turn it into a full meal, come by to enjoy a treat, take home awesomeness for later, or even choose to have some shipped to your door, you won’t regret it!

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