Sheltering in Place STL Dining

So during quarantine, I have the time to cook, but I want to support local businesses and I just want to switch it up sometimes!  Birthdays and just now Mother’s day have encouraged my family to bring some restaurant meals home.   There are a couple of good lists of restaurants now offering curbside or delivery included in the links here:


Now I know that long list can look daunting to peruse so here are a few recommendations from my experience. In previous posts, I’ve mentioned Schafly, Salt & Smoke, and  Grace Meat + Three, which I still recommend.  All are offering family deals, Schafly’s pizza or pasta, Salt & Smoke barbeque, sides, and Hawaiian bread,  and Grace Meat +Three fried chicken meals.  These lists do not include the Illinois side, so let me also recommend Lottawatta Creek which is offering family pasta, fried chicken, or pork chop family deals as well as most of their regular menu.  If you’re looking for breakfast the Living Room is offering curbside, as is Strange Donuts and they’ll deliver as long as it is within range.

BARcelona Tapas and Bar

Our Bountiful BARcelona dinner

The lists helped me find one of my now favorite restaurants while we shelter in place.   BARcelona Tapas and Bar in Clayton has amazing Spanish dishes and tapas that our family adored!  Most of the time when I eat out, I want something that I can’t make myself, but this go around I decided to give the family deal for grilled salmon with asparagus and roasted potatoes a try. 

Granted I have made all of those at home before and I think I’m an okay cook, but BARcelona’s versions were so much better than any variation I’ve made!  There wasn’t quite enough salmon, so I was given extra grilled white fish and it was flaky and flavorful and delicious!   The potatoes were garlicky in the best way and the asparagus was the perfect amount of crunchy.  With the meal came one of the best salads I’ve had in awhile with freshly made seasoned croutons, peppers, and lots of dark greens accompanied by a vinaigrette, that  even my picky husband loved! 

We also tried Empanadas Con Espinaca, as we love any vegetable/meat pie variations and I was very happy with the mushroom and spinach filling!  The empanadas were also quite a bit larger than I was expecting them to be!  The Bacalao cod cakes were pretty good and really enhanced by the horseradish sauce that came with them.  Meatballs are one of my indulgences and BARcelona did not disappoint.  Not only were they huge, but spicy and cheesy!  For dessert we had churros, which were crispy on the outside and super soft on the inside, complemented by caramel and chocolate dipping sauces.  I was feeding five, instead of four and there really was plenty for everyone and we even had  leftovers!

Hopefully we will all be out enjoying St. Louis dining again soon, but until then stay safe and find a new favorite take out!

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