St. Louis Scavenger Hunt, 3 Quest

This summer going away for vacation wasn’t really an option, but the girls and I had a weekend while dad was on a business trip that I wanted to make special.  We do the usual children’s spots like the zoo and magic house over the summer, so I decided to really make it feel like we were out-of-towners getting to know St. Louis.  We would do a downtown Scavenger Hunt! I wanted a hunt that balanced information about the city with goofiness and after reading several reviews, 3 Quest seemed like the best option.

The quest was super easy to start.  We went to the beginning location at the Old Courthouse and texted activate to the number we were given when I purchased online.  The text was my real person guide (Troy), while I had also downloaded an app that would give me my tasks. The app told me what I had to find and had a GPS map to help me if I didn’t know where to go, as I began my first of three quests.   Once I found the designated spot the app would reveal a question with an answer I needed to write down to use at the end of each of the three quests. 

Each stop taught the girls and I a little more about downtown that was new to all of us.  For example, the Hilton Ballpark is located on what used to be a Spanish fort. I won’t give you any more examples, because I want you to discover for yourself! 

Be prepared to be goofy on this quest!  Periodically the quest would have you play Simon Says or choose from a list of other goofy tasks.  Our favorite was making a rock air band! Part of the tasks is to photograph the proceedings. The pictures are supposed to be sent to your text assistant, but I mainly liked having them for me!

The quest is supposed to take two hours, but if you actually take the goofy stops and take into account all the crosswalks you have to wait for, it will take you closer to three hours.  Text support ends after the two hours, but the app allows you to keep right on going and finish your quest!

If you want to get to know more about St. Louis’s downtown, (other cities are available as well), get some exercise, and be goofy together, this could be a great family outing for you!

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